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  • Andrea (Tuesday, August 22 23 10:46 am BST)

    I returned to Joanne again this year when life got difficult and I was overwhelmed with some traumatic incidents colliding. Having seen her previously, and just a few counselling sessions helped me to cope better and to put things into perspective, I had no hesitation in returning. Joanne's therapy and her calm and professional way of working did its work again. I was able to finish after a few sessions with a clearer mind and the ability to move forward out of the fog again. Thank you Joanne.

  • Andy last (Thursday, May 18 23 07:42 pm BST)

    Jo is extremely welcoming, professional and listens to everything. Process and solutions to problems. Very through. Understands, works through everything. I’ve returned to Jo on numerous occasions for her help and expertise on a number of problems.
    Everything I’ve gone through with jo has helped me improve my mindset and way of thinking and to tackle problems going forward
    Would I recommend Jo? 150% I would. You won’t find a better therapist than her around.

  • E.D (Monday, October 12 20 10:47 am BST)

    Firstly just a big thank you to Joanne for all her help throughout my counselling sessions.
    I have had counselling before with different counsellors but somehow Joanne really helped me to understand the different techniques like I hadn’t before and how I could use these in my every day life to manage my anxiety. I feel really hopeful again moving forward and I haven’t felt this in a long time.
    From the first enquiry to my last session with Joanne she has always been so helpful, kind & patient. I would definitely recommend speaking to Joanne if you are thinking about having counselling.

  • Steve (Wednesday, September 23 20 06:11 pm BST)

    Clarity Wellbeing Services was recommended to me by my wife because life was becoming unbearable for us both. Like most men I was skeptical about Counselling, I am a man “I do not need counselling”, I will get through the issues. That was not the case, I was not in a good place, suffering from anxiety and depression. To be honest making my life miserable. So, I contacted Joanne then the journey to recovery started. She started unpacking my anxieties and found out why I was feeling depressed. This involved many conversations and exercises. A word of warning, do not ignore the exercises Joanne sets you, as this will only slow down your recovery. I was open and honest with Joanne telling her how I was feeling. Having completed Counselling I am feeling a lot better in myself, enjoying life and not focusing on the negatives. My relationship with my wife has improved, which she is thankful. I encourage others to attend Counselling, it will be of benefit. Thank you Joanne for your time and patience.

  • Helen (Tuesday, September 01 20 08:08 pm BST)

    Clarity Wellbeing are a highly professional, experienced support service. I cannot recommend them enough. Joanne listened and took time to understand when historically other support services have failed to support. I will forever be thankful for the support I received to help me with understand my issues.

  • Hannah (Monday, June 01 20 05:20 pm BST)

    I could not recommend counselling enough, especially Joanne I genuinely think she has saved my life. At no point was she patronising or belittling and this was such a huge thing for me as I've experienced this before from NHS counsellors. She helped me change my mistaken beliefs and negative mindframes that I thought were both factual and unchangable. Not only did the sessions themselves help but also as I'm only 18 I am so glad I found Joanne when I did as I am able to enter adulthood with all of the techniques Joanne has taught me which has given me such a positive outlook on things that I never thought I'd be able to find again, especially so quickly. I have also been able to share some ideas and models from Joanne with friends who aren't ready to begin counselling yet and it has helped them massively. I cannot thank her enough :)

  • Glynn (Saturday, February 01 20 12:29 pm GMT)

    My counselling sessions have far exceeded any expectations I had. I was apprehensive and unsure if counselling was for me. I am old school and was confident I could sort out my own issues. It possible sounds over dramatic but I truly believe counselling sessions with Joanne have changed who I am and how I view my life issues. I wouldn't say it was always a comfortable journey. Many tears and many truths to confront, but having come out the other side I feel a different person and a person I can be proud of. I'm sure it's only the beginning of a new journey but it's a journey i'm looking forward to.

  • Charlotte (Saturday, February 01 20 12:20 pm GMT)

    I don't think I can fully explain how much the counselling has helped me. I am able to look at things in a different light and stay calm and rational now. I find things easier to understand and im able to understand and take on board what people say, rather than get angry/upset straight away. I don't worry so much about my childs safety and I am able to be presnt with him instead of focussing on threats that are not there. This has helped me be a better partner/mum/daughter and just a better person in general. I'm so so thankful for this help. Joanne thank you for changing my life!

  • J.A (Wednesday, April 24 19 03:52 pm BST)

    I found all of the course useful, all of the content was valuable to how I have been feeling. Through this course I have learnt how I have been suppressing a lot of guilt and anger. This course has helped me with techniques on how to deal with my anxiety and how to talk through issues on an adult level instead of suppressing my real feelings. I feel this course would be useful to all mums. Felixstowe Group

  • H.H (Wednesday, April 24 19 03:04 pm BST)

    I have learnt how to cope with my anxiety using tools given. That I am 'normal' and can be myself. I don't have low and anxious days now, I feel I am a better mum and advocate for her and my relationship with my partner has improved. It has been amazing - from the jibbering wreck that I was when I started full of anxiety and worry to a more confident less anxious person and able to cope. I would recommend this course to any mum!

  • A.A (Wednesday, April 24 19 03:00 pm BST)

    I feel confident, happy and keen to enjoy my life and my son growing up. This course has pulled me through from a negative self doubting, confusing place and allowed me to relax and enjoy my new adventure. I have enjoyed every session and believe every mother should do this course! I think it is really important. Felixstowe Group

  • E.J (Wednesday, April 24 19 02:56 pm BST)

    All of the course was helpful, I found the Anxiety and T.A particularly good for me. I have gained a better understanding of myself and awareness of people and situations. I have become happier and I believe a better mummy as i'm not stressing so much. Joanne is a wonderful teacher/Counsellor, there wasn't anything that wasn't explained. She presented the course great, she is friendly, didn't judge and very approachable. Amazing! Felixstowe Group

  • Kelly Goody (Saturday, October 06 18 09:45 pm BST)

    I attended your Behond Birth course in 2016. I am so greatful for you help that Jaqueline and the other mothers in the group did for me. I am always recommending your group to people when I talk about PND and what I went through.

    I recently did an interview for the EADT on fitness, PND and my own personal experience. I thought you would like to see how fat I have come since your help and that I’m still trying to help others.

    Thank you again for saving me from the darkness. I will be forever greatful. Xxxx

  • HOLLY BRADLEY (Thursday, June 07 18 02:11 pm BST)

    I am so grateful for the support and the counselling I received during my one to one sessions it has helped me tremendously get in control of my anxiety and I now I have a better understanding of why I felt the way I did about my issues surrounding motherhood I'm now able to relax in my new role of being a mummy thank you soo very much

  • Anonymous (Monday, February 26 18 09:11 pm GMT)

    I attended one of your post birth group therapy sessions about four and a half years ago, having suffered with post natal depression following the birth of my second child. I did find the course very helpful and the tools you gave me in helping me to cope were used and still are to this day. I can honestly say my marriage would not have made it through and still be a marriage if I had not attended your course. We had a very bad time but I coped using what I had learned at the course and ultimately has stood the test of time with some adjustments of course. One thing that you may remember is that I set myself a challenge to complete my qualification so three and a bit years later I have reached my goal and I am now a qualified property lawyer. Working full time and having two children has presented me with plenty of challenges but again using the tools the course taught me I am finally there! With one of the exams being the equivalent of a Masters degree I am somewhat proud of myself. Anyway just wanted to thank you and give you a little update. I have recommended the course several times and I hope they did take up my recommendation.

  • Rose (Wednesday, April 05 17 08:35 pm BST)

    I first met Joanne back in 2014 by doing the BB group. This group was amazing and helped me so much with understanding how our minds can play tricks on us when in high states of anxiety and how the waterwheel of life works. I loved the way that Joanne worked and knew that I would benefit from one to one sessions with her. Following the birth of my son I had a lot of complications with life changing effects which on top of having PND made me plumit. I finally made the decision to start one to one with Joanne in 2016 and I never knew how much she would help me change my life around. When I started I was so burdened down with worry, fear, guilt, secrets, confusion and sadness. I had no self worth, no confidence and no idea how to deal with things by myself. I was literally in a child in an adults body. I just wanted to be normal. I had so much baggage that I actually didn't realise a lot of it, actually most of it, was from my own childhood and dysfunctional upbringing. Joanne helped me to see how my past was physically and mentally affecting my present. I went through nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks some of which to my embarrassment Joanne had to unfortunately witness. But she dealt with it with great integrity and always remained so calm and had AMAZING techniques to bring me back to the present, of which I have used myself when on my own in a panic. I never thought at the beginning of this counselling that I would have been able to open up about literally my whole life but after a hell of a long letter and writing I poured it all out to Joanne. I honestly thought I was going to have my child taken away, I was going to go to prison and I was going to have to end my life! I'm sitting here smiling now at how ridiculous this all sounds now and my eyes are filled with tears as I realise how much I have actually come and how greatful I am to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing person. This may sound so dramatic to you but it's a pure example of just how crippling anxiety can be. Please trust me when I say if you suffer from depression or anxiety and are a struggling parent it really doesn't have to continue. Take the step and speak out to someone because it honestly isn't as bad as you think and if it is it can be worked on. As long as you are willing to be honest to YOURSELF then you can begin to move forward and that feeling of being free is so exhilarating. Joanne gave me the confidence to go back to college to do a course that I'd been desperate to do for the last 10 years and I am now about to complete my last term before qualifying in my dream job. I am also gaining confidence in my jobs and taking on more responsibilty which i never believed I could EVER do. I am a lot more calmer and although I am still learning I have the resources now to continue helping me to be a better parent to my son. We have so much fun together and I am enjoying being a mummy again. I've got over my fear of eating in front of others and am generally more confident and calmer. I am also now an adult most of the time and dealing with situations honestly and confidently. I'm not saying everything is 100% perfect because it's not, is it ever? But I now have the tools to deal with things appropriately and adult to adult. Life is a continued journey of learning and growing and that's what I intend to do. I believe the key for me was to be honest with myself and my feelings, honour them and deal with them in my own time. I have a plan for my future now and hope that I can continue to grow on my journey. I can't thank Joanne enough for changing my life and helping me so much. I remember in one of our first sessions she said it's like having a pile of coal and we have to work at it one shovel at a time......i now feel that im at the bottom of that pile now and just a few more shovels and we will be there! I'm not going to lie I'm scared about going this alone now but I know that I can go back if I need too and that is reassuring! Thank you Joanne so so so much. I'm going to miss you! xxx

  • Emma (Friday, July 15 16 04:09 pm BST)

    Sounds dramatic but this service has been life changing for me! Both through one to one sessions and the beyond birth course.

    Being a single parent put extra everyday struggles onto owning a newborn which eventually led to burn out and depression. This course has helped me out of both these issues. I would also highly
    recommend it to any mum who is struggling but not necessarily depressed. I have a toddler not a newborn and the course suited me just as well as those who had much younger children.

    Best choice I have ever made was to meet Joanne and get this help!

  • Laura Davey (Monday, May 16 16 06:51 pm BST)

    I attended the Beyond Birth course after having my second child. I felt very low and the people around me got the backlash of my depression and fowl moods, including my two year old son. Joanne
    helped me to empty my bag and become a positive role model for my sons. It's been a couple of weeks since the last session and I have only raised my voice once, in fairness my eldest was trying to
    play with chemicals, but even then I apologised and explained to him why mummy was cross, that was something I never used to do. Now, after this course, I love nothing more than to play with my sons
    and have fun, and I am also fitting in time for me too. I am continuing on with Joanne's hard work and am reading the book she recommended and listening to the relaxation apps that she told me about.
    Grumpy and angry mummy is dead- positive, fun and happy mummy is alive and kicking.
    I highly recommend this course for anybody else who is finding parenthood hard.
    Thank you so much for making this happen, Joanne. I am thrilled and very grateful for the opportunity to attend, Monday's just aren't the same anymore.

  • K.G (Saturday, April 16 16 06:34 pm BST)

    Beyond birth
    Feb/March 2016

    Firstly I want to say thank you for providing this course. It proved to be a lifeline during a very dark point in my life. After my second child I experienced a very scary and anxious time that
    spiralled out of control.

    I was convinced I was alone and I was afraid of telling people about all the irrational 'negative' thoughts going on in my head for fear of them taking my children away. The sleepless nights, panic
    attacks, headaches, dizziness, constant anxiety, guilt and monstrous thoughts were hidden by my poker face of what I thought was exhaustion of being a new mum again.
    After being diagnosed with PND and put on antidepressants a friend suggested the course to me. Just by reading other peoples testimonials gave me hope that it was possible to get out of this churning
    water wheel, as we referred to it in class, of mental torture.

    What I learnt on the course was that I wasn't alone. And at that dark time time when you are at your lowest, that knowledge can be a saviour. Just by being with a small group of others, in safe,
    relaxed surrounding with a skilled, non judgmental therapist gave me the confidence to talk about my be experiences.

    I looked forward to the course each week and I was concerned about what would happen to me when it finished. Would I be able to cope? But after reviewing my depression and anxiety questionnaire, I
    realised I was feeling better! And I had come along way since the course started as I had been taught why I felt like I did, how to cope with it and that it was ok to feel like I did at times.

    Since finishing the course I have kept in contact with my little group of 'mad mummies'. I've have just come home this afternoon with my son, from a play date meet up with the other mums and children
    on my course and we are all getting there. We all have clean clothes on, make up and hair brushed. But most importantly we are smiling and laughing again.

  • joanne britton (Thursday, April 30 15 04:30 pm BST)

    Beyond Birth - Sudbury. Jan 2015. End of Course feedback.
    'I have started to feel a lot calmer and more aware of my feelings. The facilitator is very helpful and easily approachable - I feel I could talk to her about anything' Attendee. 'Jo was a great
    facilitator I never felt intimidated or uncomfortable about talking within the group. I met some lovely people. The creche was a great help in gaining the most from the sessions' Attendee. 'Although
    I have always been an anxious person I am able to deal with my worry now, I understand it more. I am able to cope in difficult situations and think more positive' Attendee. 'Talking about
    self-awareness and realising what and why I have triggers and scripts and how to help them get better' Attendee. 'Learning ways to change my mindset. Group discussion, learning how parents have such
    an impact on 'scripts' of their children' Attendee.

  • joanne britton (Thursday, April 30 15 04:20 pm BST)

    Family Dynamics feedback - mum, dad and an 11 year old. 'The course is well suited and has given me more ideas on how to approach things' (Dad). We can now talk to each other confidently and without
    arguing, they have shown me how to deal with situations when I get angry' (11 year old) I feel I have more tools available to me to deal with my childs outbursts. I also feel I can communicate in a
    more positive way to bring about positive reaction from other family members. I think we will have a lot more respect for each other. The ladies are lovely, emphatic and easy to get on with (mum)

  • L (Thursday, April 17 14 08:12 am BST)

    Thank you so much for all your help over the last few months. you have truly made a difference to my life and I will always be thankful for this. Counselling Client @ Eye.

  • Laura (Monday, April 07 14 04:57 pm BST)

    I would just like to say a huge thank you for the last few months. you truly are amazing I have overcome so many things. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you and the group. You have
    made such a difference on my life as well as my children's. Thank you. Eye Group.

  • Becki (Monday, April 07 14 04:55 pm BST)

    I want to thank you for the last 8 weeks - the course has been life changing for me. Thank you. Eye group.

  • neely (Monday, April 07 14 04:54 pm BST)

    Thank you so much for making such a difference to my life. Felixstowe Group.

  • emma (Monday, April 07 14 04:52 pm BST)

    I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing course over the last couple of months. I am feeling positive about my future and how I will tackle the rough times. You are an
    inspiration to me, an amazing lady, thank you so much for everything! Emma - Felixstowe

  • Rebecca (Friday, March 21 14 11:35 am GMT)

    I’ve had a lot of help and support over the years; I’ve had counselling, psychology, a community mental health nurse for 18 months, help from the crisis team, and a 6 week course of sessions with a
    mental health nurse. I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline personality disorder.

    After my daughter was born I had a lot of stress and anxiety. In the period of time between Christmas and the course starting, I took another nose dive. My anxiety was high, my depression was high,
    and I was feeling suicidal and assessed at the mental heath ward at the hospital.

    When I started the course, I was wary.

    I can now, honestly say that this course has been outstandingly brilliant. I found the atmosphere calm and safe. It’s been a place where I can let down my guard and learn about myself. I now know
    about the way I think, and what I can do to make things better for not just myself, but my family too. They have seen a huge difference in me.

    There was a penny dropping moment, when suddenly, everything slotted into place for me. And since doing the course, I’ve been able to see my life, the things around me and my past in a different
    light. There is no “perfect parent” and everyone will make mistakes. It’s normal. And actually, I’m happy with making mistakes; I want to show my children that it’s ok to feel things like sadness and
    anger. It’s ok to mess up sometimes. It’s healthy and normal not to be perfect.

    I really feel that not only is this course brilliant, but I think EVERY mum should do it.

    In all the many years I’ve struggled with my mental health, I’m finally ready to go to therapy and let go of the past. I’m ready to get my life back.

    This course alone, is better than ANY of the mental health help I’ve had in the last 8 years.

  • Felixstowe Group (Thursday, November 07 13 01:10 pm GMT)

    This course has given me so much self awareness and enabled me to become more assertive. It really helped hearing from other people who had experienced similar.

  • Ruth (Sunday, February 24 13 02:15 pm GMT)

    Thank you, I would never have had the strength and encouragement to have carried on if it wasn't for the PND Course. What an insight to my life and others, I was not alone.
    Joanne has been brilliant! After meeting her at the PND Course I felt I needed a little more help in the form of counselling so gave Joanne a call and have just had a course of one to one counselling
    which has helped no end and I am so thankful I found her phone number and arranged it months after the PND Course.
    All in all Joanne's expertises in PND have been life changing for me and my family too.
    Thank you Joanne.

  • Sharon (Monday, September 03 12 10:16 pm BST)

    Firstly I would like to say thank you so much for allowing me to come on the PND course and having the crèche facility was a life line. Since the course I have made many positive changes. I value
    myself far more and do not ignore my needs like I used to. I allow myself treats and have lost the guilt. I used to feel so worthless which made me feel so down which led to high anxiety. I now
    believe in myself far more. I have started driving lessons which i have always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do. I now feel able to set goals and achieve them. The Beyond Birth course
    has helped me so much which has also made my family life happier. The kids are more relaxed around me which means so much. I am so glad I attended. Thank you both. S.H Beyond Birth Course

  • angela (Monday, September 03 12 10:14 pm BST)

    When I started this course I felt scared and very anxious. I was not coping with everyday life and I was totally irrational about everything. Attending this course gave me time to think through my
    feelings and discover what was making me feel this way. The course helped to show me that i was not the only one feeling this way. It also gave me ways to cope with everyday things and how to cope
    with my anxiety which enabled me to attend mother and baby groups and venture out to the supermarket. I now feel far less anxious and when I feel my anxiety coming on I know how to cope with it.
    Thank you so much. A.G - Beyond Birth course


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