Survivors of Childhood Trauma


When children experience trauma at the hands of trusted adults (especially family members) their emotional link with the adult world is severed, creating an emotional “stop on time” they are then left with three companions:  guilt, fear and feelings of inadequacy.  These three companions can stay on throughout their adult life governing part or all of their decision-making.


(Penny parks, rescuing the inner child)



What is Inner Child Therapy?

Inner Child Therapy is about discovering your own true self.  Carl Jung called it the “Divine Child” and Emmet Fox called it “The Wonder Child” some call it the “True Self” and Charles Whitfield called it “The Child Within”. 


The Inner Child is the part, which is our true emotional self.  


Thoughts and beliefs in our adult life have roots in our childhood.  Pain can take many forms, emotional, physical, and sexual and can be inflicted by well meaning parents.  Most parents’ love their children but the way in which they put these messages across will be influenced by the messages they received from their parents.  To a young child their parents are gods and gods can do know wrong, therefore when our parents fail to be perfect the child perceives it as their own fault it is at this stage that Mistaken Beliefs form and remain in our sub conscious mind.


The process of inner child therapy is to reconnect the broken emotional link with the adult world by correcting the information in the adult.  The adult in turn can correctly inform, support, and love the inner child.  The process corrects mistaken beliefs, frees the child from fear and anger, enabling it once again to experience the spontaneity and fun it was intended to.  With correct information the adult functions more strongly and supportively the child learns to trust, and the parent can take up its correct non – judgemental role.



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