Beyond Birth Course

Beyond Birth is an 8 week course specifically designed for mothers, although becoming a parent can be an amazing experience there can be times when you can feel isolated and overwhelmed with the changes that occur after birth.   


This course is designed to explore these changes, aiding the transition into parenting, whilst allowing you to retain a sense of self.


The increased pressure placed on modern parents has a profound effect on individuals wellbeing.  Parents are bombarded with idealisctic images, advice from the media, professionals, advertising and magazines.  This overload of information can create an idealistic image of how parenting should be.  This alone can make some parents fall into perfectionist expectations, so of course when we fail to reach the unrealistic expectations we can fall into a vicious cycle of destructive thoughts which includes feelings of guilt and shame.  ​


The course operates online and in Diss, Norfolk.  The course is 8 weeks long and operates at the same time each week.  Each session lasting 2 hours.



Some of the subjects covered on the course

  • The unrealistic pressures society/media place on parents.
  • 'Me' Time how it is crutial to your wellbeing.
  • The dream of becoming a parent and how the reality can differ greatly to your prior mental image.
  • How a difficult birth and problems during/after pregnancy can hugely influence your wellbeing.
  • Low mood and anxiety - how to break the cycle.
  • Perfectionism and guilt.
  • How we learn to parent - how our own upbringing influences our parenting style.
  • How destructive thoughts cloud are happiness.
  • How our own perception can be negatively clouded from the past.
  • Changing relationships with others.
  • Healthy expression of anger.
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Assertivness
  • Relaxation.

Is Group work right for me?

Many people feel apprehensive about attending a group, this is natural, although please be assured by the end of week 1 everyone reports feeling relieved and glad they attended. 


I can confidentally say having worked with 100's of women that everyone feels worried about attending the course but after that initial week there fears are put to rest in knowing everyone was feeling the same way and by the end of the course they are disappointed that the course has come to the end. 


Due to fear many people opt for one to one counselling or attempt to manage alone.  As a counsellor and facilitator Joanne practices both however in most cases recommends group work for this particular subject.


Here are some of the benefits of group work;


  • Normalisation process - the relief of knowing you are not the only one feeling cerrtain way.  This process is very powerful.
  • You learn so much from others experiences and visa versa.
  • Group work reduces isolation which tends to be a contributing factor in many mothers low mood.  Friendships are always formed by the end of the course.
  • WE do cover some emotive subjects and the support within the group is amazing.  We also share lots of laughter along the way.


I am not sure whether I really need support?

Every mother experiences change when a child comes a long, whether it is your first, second or more, having a child is a massive life change and the dynamic changes that occur within the family unit will be experienced differently for each individual.  Although the common factor experienced by all is change.  Any life change can throw you into a place of conflicting thoughts and feelings.


Not everyone will experience all of the symptoms listed or be able to relate to all of the material covered.  But it is well documented from years of feedback that no one has said that they did not benefit from the course or that they wished they had not attended. 




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