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We offer therapeutic development Courses/Workshops though group work. Our range of 'ME' courses are a cost effective way to learn more about deal with issues with support of others embarking on the same journey. Groups are facilitated by two trained facilitators at least one being counsellor trainied.  Groups have a huge impact on the normalisation process. Clients always report a huge relief attending a group just knowing they are not the only one feeling a certain way. Groups can be a very powerful way of healing and learning.


Please Note: All courses are open to both male and female other than Post Natal Depression.  This course runs seperately for male and females - please see seperate tabs to the left.  


Our range of 'ME' Courses are designed specifically to explore different aspects of yourself....self development is an investment in YOU!


This course is designed to be the core course for the range of other ‘Me’ courses. By attending this course before the other courses you will have a deeper understanding in which to explore more specific problem areas. This course is designed to explore the many aspects that make up our personalities. We have all learnt behaviours and scripts in our pasts that no longer serve as well in adulthood. These mistaken beliefs and scripts are often formed in childhood and unconsciously affect our decision making and ultimately life direction in adulthood. By exploring these hidden beliefs we can begin to take control and be the assertive adult we were designed to be. This course also explores negative thinking patterns and how these influences are behaviour and feelings. We will look at our interactions and relationships with others enabling you to discover why some relationships feel equal whilst others you can feel disempowered and drained. By the end of this course you will feel empowered and well equipped to deal with everyday stresses whilst having a deeper awareness of past influences. Self awareness and development is an investment in YOU, there is no greater gift to give yourself.




Low Confidence & self esteem can be restricting and self limiting.  This course will provide you with knowledge and understanding of what causes confidence and self esteem issues.  You will be able to explore the differences between confidence and self esteem whilst learning techniques to increase you confidence and self esteem. This course is also great at helping you to set simple goals and increase motivation.




This course is designed for people suffering from Anxiety and Stress. We all get anxious from time to time, but prolonged anxiety can be very restricting and scary.  This course explains the physical and psychological aspects of anxiety.  We will look at the affect of adrenaline on your body whilst learning techniques to reduce the effects. This course involves learning relaxation techniques which has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress.




This course is the ideal choice for people who wish to explore anger and healthly ways of expressing this emotion.  Anger is a necassary feeling and when expressed correctly serves us well.  It is only when we explode (aggressive)or implode (passive) that we find ourselves having an unheathy relationship with anger.  You may hold anger in, feel frustrated because you feel others do you wrong but you never express that feeling which then builds inside you until you react (often to the wrong person) Or you may find yourself the other end of the scale where you explode at many things and some may feel guilty because of being so reactive.  Either way this is not healthy for YOU or others.  On this course we explore all of the factors that contribute to this behaviour whilst also learning healthy ways of expressing the feeling.  




This course is specifically for parents wanting to discover basic person centred therapeutic ways of helping your child express their feelings in a healthy way. You will discover simple techniques to use with your child to assist them in developing a healthy mindset for expressing feelings and worrying thoughts. This course is extremely useful in helping your child deal with difficult issues such as family breakdown, bullying, loss, anger etc. You will learn child friendly ways of communicating these difficult feelings through creative art, play, communication and simple aids.

* It is advisable that parents attend the ‘Discovering Me’ course prior to enrolling on this course, since you will have a prior understanding of your own feelings etc.




This course is specifically for people wishing to gain a greater awareness of their spiritual self. We look at the power of broadening our spiritual self and the many health benefits associated with this. By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of the law of attraction and the power of intent as well as a truer sense of your inner self. Meditation and relaxation is practiced as part of this course.


Each of our courses are run as a 6 week evening course (7pm-8.30pm) 


Cost:  £15.00 per week 

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