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Dads can also suffer from low mood and stress due to the life changes that takes place after becoming a parent!

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Similarly to mums who experience PND, there is no single answer as to why some new dads are affected by depression while others don’t.  Generally, depression is triggered by emotional and stressful events and since having a baby involves many life changes this alone can trigger emotional wellbeing changes in both mothers and fathers.  PND (Postnatal Depression) is generally percieved as a condition that affects women.  However a several studies reveal that dads can expereince low mood and anxiety after becoming a parent.

Below is a list of some of the symptoms experienced by dads.  We are all unique in our experiences so it is important to recognise that whilst you may relate to some of these symptoms you may not relate to all of them.



•  Low mood/Depression.
•  Excessive worrying.
•  Anxiety/Stress.
•  Frustration.
•  Agitated & Irritable.
•  Feeling Confused.
•  Feelings of guilt.
•  Poor concentration.
•  Conflicting Thoughts & Feelings.
•  Over or under eating. 
•  Difficulty falling/staying asleep or sleeping too much.

Causes & Triggers

•  Financial pressures.
•  Stress in the workplace.
•  Past Depression and/or Anxiety.
•  Changes in lifestyle.
•  Changes in various existing relationships.
•  Strained personal Relationships.
•  Sleep Deprivation.
•  Issues in ones own childhood re-surfacing.

How we can help!

The Beyond Birth Saturday Workshop for Dads is a workshop written and devised by a fully trained counsellor specialising in Postnatal depression and Family Dynamics.  The workshop is delivered in an educational/therapudic way and ALL workshops are delivered by at least one trained counsellor and a trained male Facilitator/Dad.  


The workshop will cover various aspects of the life changes that take place after becoming a father.  Whilst this course is beneficial to any father experiencing any of the above symptoms it is also useful for men who are supporting a partner/wife with Postnatal Depression.


Some of the subjects covered are;

  • Changing Relationships.
  • Low mood  - how to break the cycle.
  • Stress & Anxiety.
  • The unrealistic pressures society/media place on parents.
  • How we learn to parent - how our own upbringing influences our parenting style.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Healthy expression of anger & frustration.
  • Assertivness.
  • & MUCH MORE!



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